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Learning Management System - Success Riyadh

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  • Project Name : Business WordPress Template
  • Category : Web Design
  • Client : Nazrul Islam
  • Complete Date : 15 September, 2021
  • Skills : Photoshop / Web - Developer

Learning Management System

Learning Management System:

International School (SIS) has earned a unique distinction among all the leading private educational institutions for having its own multipurpose Learning Management System (LMS) that was put into an operational framework to counter the issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. This website (https://lms.sisriyadh.com) enables the students to get their online lectures and revise lessons as per their own convenience. Free of any commercialism and advertisement, the school’s LMS is also equipped with the facilities of conducting examinations, maintaining and updating the students’ profiles, records, and attendances, and delivering the online lessons. Moreover, the LMS also authorizes the parents to stay in touch with the parents.
It has been absolutely ensured that all the students feel secure and comfortable while staying tuned to the LMS as the SIS has adopted zero-tolerance policy to eliminate any sort of cheating, bullying, and violations. During the course of examinations, the SIS takes the maximum measures to maintain discipline and integrity.

Following the resumption of campus-based classes for the students of grade seven and eight, the SIS has got all their premises sanitized and cleaned thoroughly to provide a neat and clean learning environment to the students. In addition to that, each and every precautionary measure and protocol is being implemented to ward off any untoward situation in the context of Covid-19 pandemic.